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The Mirror Foundation at Bangkok office

We are a group of like-­‐minded people who want to volunteer for social good. We seek the meaning of life and value. We are an independent organization working to help. And fulfill the needs of the society. We believe that social work is not a dream but a reality to the world. If only we dare to think dare we ask volunteers to act as a mirror reflecting the fact that some people do not see.

We are very welcome
you to be our volunteers

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Job openings for volunteers The Mirror Foundation

   Food for friends Activity Every week we will go to the Bangkok town at “Pahurad” “Sao ching cha” and another place around there in the nighttime. To deliver the food for the home less. This activity we very welcome the volunteer to join with us .
   Visit the sick and old people Activity Every Thursday and Friday we go around the Bangkok area to visit the sick and old people. Who can’t help themselves no cousin no family to take care them. We will go and give the necessary stuff for them.
   Visit the sick children at the hospital Activity Every Wednesday we go to the children hospital for play and teach the sick children who can’t go out the hospital. This activity will help them to be relax.
   Visit the old man at the shelter home Activity Every Wednesday we go to the shelter home for give them encouragement, food, talk and play with them for relax.