Stop Child-Beggars Campaign

   Project name:  Stop Child-Beggars Campaign

Stop Child-Beggars Campaign...Stop Making Charity On Sinful Businesses

Join us in helping to stop the child-begging business! Children-beggars have been familiar faces to the Thai community for a long time. They are commonly seen around the streets of Bangkok and in larger towns in the provinces across the country with cans in their hands begging for money from tourists and the local people. Givers often believe that dontaing money to the children-beggars is an act of charity and that their contributions can help better the lives of these children. However, givers must understand that the money alone does not help in getting rid of the existing poverty and does not readily solve the lack of social and educactional opportunities these children have. The notion that the money received from children-begging ultimately ends up aiding sinful businesses leads us to believe these children are a product of human trade.

With this in mind, the Mirror Foundation has designed a campaign to solve the problems of child-beggars and to eliminate monetary assistance to sinful businesses. The goal of the campaign is to build awarness on the importance of getting children-beggars off the street. The campaign seeks to collect data about the child-begging businesses in the provincial areas of Mae-Sot, Mae-Sai and Aranya-Prathet and gathers information in the more economically-thriving areas such as Pattaya, Chiang-Mai and Bangkok. The foundation seeks cooperation from local government officials and interested volunteers who are interested in our campaign and wish to stop the child-begging business.

Donors who give money to the children-beggars are not helping in upgrading the quality of life of the begging childen but are actually facilitating the child-begging business which ultimately aids a number of sinful businesses.

Philanthropy lies in the heart of many Thais representing the beauty that has been in existence in our society for many generations. However, we would love to see chartiable contributions remain in our ethical system but for the appropriate causes. Donations given to children-beggars has evolved as a source for criminals to fund their sinful businesses. The criminals or mafias often kidnap underprivileged children or buy them for the purpose of becoming children beggars. These children become enslaved and are forced to beg for money. They are also forced to collect a certain amount of money to avoid being tortured. It is common for people typically walking along a street of poor kids or elder adults holding small babies to feel sorry for these beggars and to donate some small change in hopes that their contributions could improve the lives of these children. Hence, the Mirror Foundation's campaign seeks to build awareness of these children-beggars who are being taken advantage of and need our help!

If you would like more information about this campaign or would like to participate in a procession of the resistance movement or want to inform us about child beggars in your area, please contact us at… or E-mail:
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